When my wife, Janice Ratliff, told me "You will really enjoy working with Jimmy Franklin and his team." I wasn't sure what she meant by that.

Now Sir, I do. My complements to you and your magnificent team of stars! Everyone I dealt with was over-the-top. Not only did they answer my questions and respond in a very timely manner, they had the answers to my next set of questions.

My sincere compliments of running a very good ship in this rocky marketplace. I would welcome the opportunity to work with you and The Jimmy Franklin Team any day!

Ron Johnson, Bernstein Realty

It is customer service of this nature that keeps clients and brings in new client referrals. Your team is a well-oiled machine.

Tim & Brenda, Previous Client/Homeowner

Jimmy Franklin is fantastic! He is the ultimate realtor. I would say that if you are not using Jimmy Franklin then you don't need to really sell a house.

Michael & Monica S., Previous Client/Homeowner

I just wanted to send a "Thank you" to you guys for the incredible service and professionalism that we received throughout the sale process on our house in Cinco Ranch. At any time, your team was just a phone call or email away and always responded extremely quickly to our questions. Michele and I greatly appreciate everything you and your team did to sell our house. You are the best! Thanks again!

Marcel & Michele H., Previous Client/Homeowner

My wife and I would like to express our appreciation to both you and your team for doing a great job handling all of the issues selling and buying our homes. We will be recommending your support to our friends and family in the future.

Jerry G., Previous Client/Homeowner

You were so helpful to us! We are first time sellers, and it's comforting to know that the people representing you have your back. Your team put my mind at ease about selling our house. Customer service is everything, no matter how big or small a deal is. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Roshanda, Previous Client/Homeowner

The service that you and your team have provided my Family and me over this last month has been outstanding! This has been one of those rare moments in the home selling and moving process that has been both easy and satisfying. When we began the process of selling our house we did talk to multiple real estate agents in order to try and find the right fit for our needs. You stood out over the rest because you were on time and professional, patient, had done your research, and were willing to list our house for a price that other agents were unwilling to. Honestly, we were unsure if we would be able to sell our house for what we had purchased it for in February 2008 (as the market was beginning to slow), recoup any of the money and sweat equity that we had put into the house, or sell it quickly. The results speak for themselves; not only did we recoup what we spent, but we made money above my goal, had several viewings the first day of listing, and an acceptable offer on the first day of listing!!!

Your entire team has been a joy to work with! Sarah's pictures and descriptions of our house was an amazing representation of how we felt about our house and is a model example on how best to sell. Kathy Francis completed a lightning-fast turn-around to list and market our house and were obviously really quick in selling the house! Finally, our closing agent has been responsive and patient during every step on our way to a happy and un-eventful closing. You most certainly have a top-notch staff working for you Jimmy! My Family and I are grateful, I wish you continued success in the future, and as a two-tour Iraq Veteran. I salute you and your team!!!

Kevin M., Previous Client/Homeowner